ERC Starter Grant: Belief Systems Project

I’ve very happy and lucky to announce that I’ve been awarded an ERC Starter Grant to study belief systems as networks (relevant press releases here & here).

With this project, I’m trying to push (as in test and push conceptually) the idea that we can understand belief systems as systems. From this perspective, rather than modeling belief systems like latent variables, we should be modeling belief systems as networks of interconnected attitudes and values. This can help us understand the structure of belief systems, how they connect with personality, perceived threats, and prejudice, and connect work on belief systems with other types of dynamic systems.

This ERC grant will help me significantly advance this line of work by providing funding for new data, as well as funding to hire one post-doc (starting spring-to-mid 2018) and two PhD students. If you are interested in belief systems, networks, dynamic systems etc and interested in living in the Netherlands, get in touch!

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