News Update

A lot has been happening at the TBS Lab.

New people

Mehmet Tunc joined us to work on a PhD project related to emotions and political decision-making. His first study looked at regret and disappointment in the recent UK election. Rabia Kodapanakkal will join us in September to work on a PhD project looking at the moral psychology of big data.

New papers

Several new papers are published, including a paper on predicting ideological prejudice. The rest can be found on the publications page. Two papers deserve extra highlighting.

  1. The paper by Nina Spälti who looks at the memory based processes that underly support for the status quo. In this paper, she looked at the incumbency advantage (where politicians in office are more likely to win an election) and found that memory queries earlier in the sequence were more likely to be favor of the incumbent and helped account for the incumbency advantage.
  2. The paper by Fieke Wagemans who looks at how disgust sensitivity is related to moral judgments. She finds that disgust sensitivity is most strongly associated with harsh moral judgements in the purity domain than in any of the other moral domains (e.g., harm/care, fairness etc). This provides support for theories that argue for unique moral modules and is inconsistent with theories that suggest that all morality has a common ingredient. Look out for some cool follow-ups to this paper (e.g., if you’ll be at ESCON in August…)!


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